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How to do wall painting designs yourself

We all dream of a beautiful and dull interior. And there seems to be a great idea – to paint the wall with your own hands, and the desire, and the creative plan was formed. But there are no skills, and the services of professional artists and designers are not cheap. As a result, we give up our dreams and glue the most ordinary wallpaper, because it is so easy. Or maybe we’ll still paint the wall?

The wall is not a sketchbook. A picture cannot appear here just because you wanted to draw. Selecting an image is almost as difficult a task as painting. The picture should be suitable for the interior style of the room, correspond to the functional purpose of the zone and express certain emotions. And it can perform some additional functions, such as diverting attention from a low ceiling or uneven wall. Most often, art painting is found in children’s rooms, because it brings so much happiness to kids. Especially if it depicts his favorite cartoon characters or various animals.

Art wall painting “by hand”

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