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Best Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

Best Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

Have you ever seen beautiful wall paint design ideas with tape?

Here’s the fact: Creativity is not bound by any limits in wall painting. Ideas can come up from just about anywhere and evoke the onlookers’ admiration. Believe it, equipped with a painters’ tape, the ideas can be unlimited.

Here are some cool ideas for creating different designs, including various forms of geometric triangles, on your wall. Interestingly, you don’t need to hire anyone to elicit the exhilarating wow in your painting.

You only need strong sticky tape, a razor or scissors, spray can of colors that you want to paint, a pen to draw the desired pattern, and a mask and gloves for protection of skin and face. And there you go!

wall paint design with tapewall paint design with tape

You will not surprise anyone by painting the walls – this method of decoration is ordinary, background and often just boring. In fact, there are many interesting and creative options that will not cost so much, because for this you will still need only paints, brushes, rollers and a few other additional tools. Continue reading Best Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

How to do wall painting designs yourself

We all dream of a beautiful and dull interior. And there seems to be a great idea – to paint the wall with your own hands, and the desire, and the creative plan was formed. But there are no skills, and the services of professional artists and designers are not cheap. As a result, we give up our dreams and glue the most ordinary wallpaper, because it is so easy. Or maybe we’ll still paint the wall?

The wall is not a sketchbook. A picture cannot appear here just because you wanted to draw. Selecting an image is almost as difficult a task as painting. The picture should be suitable for the interior style of the room, correspond to the functional purpose of the zone and express certain emotions. And it can perform some additional functions, such as diverting attention from a low ceiling or uneven wall. Most often, art painting is found in children’s rooms, because it brings so much happiness to kids. Especially if it depicts his favorite cartoon characters or various animals.

Art wall painting “by hand”

Continue reading How to do wall painting designs yourself

fade resistant blinds and curtains together ideas

The best ways to use blinds and curtains

It’s no secret that the right curtains or blinds for your home can change the look and feel of a room dramatically, but what about when they’re paired together? We often get asked the question ‘do curtains and blinds work together?’ The answer is, for the most part, ‘yes’ – when paired, the two can bring out a flexible décor and ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control. However, there are some style guidelines to follow to get the look just right.

Choose the Type of Blind First

When coordinating curtains and blinds together, it’s ideal to settle on the kind of visually impaired you need for the space first. The most widely recognized styles are roller blinds and venetian blinds as they pair well with wraps and give an essential, strong square of shading to work with. It’s significant you focus on the shading and texture choices, and how these work together in the room.

blinds and curtains together ideas
blinds and curtains together ideas

Blinds and curtains in the usual sense are two options, from which you need to choose one to decorate the room. But why choose when you can combine?

What are the advantages of such combinations for your windows?

  • Blinds will bring functionality and design rigor;
  • Curtains will make the overall image of the window more aesthetically pleasing and original.

Combining the advantages of these two elements, we get effective adjustment of the solar flow into the room with a unique style and a cozy appearance of the window.

There are many options for a successful combination of blinds and curtains, and we will talk about the ten best examples in this area of ​​design. Continue reading The best ways to use blinds and curtains

Cool Unfinished Basement Remodeling Ideas for any Budget

Are you looking for great basement remodeling ideas? If you are then read on! You may think that some of these ideas are too overboard or may be too costly to do, but it doesn’t hurt to dream right? Are you intimidated by your unfinished basement? Or perhaps you just don’t know what to do with all that extra space? You are actually sitting on a treasure that so many homeowners wish they had—the ability to expand the function and square footage of their homes!

Your unfinished basement is an empty canvas that has the potential to add valuable new living space to your home.

Your basement room can become your home office, a place to entertain guests, or even your personal man cave or lady cave! And don’t let anyone tell you a woman can’t have her own lady cave.

basement room

If a full basement remodel isn’t in the cards right now, there are plenty of small changes that can be made to your unfinished basement to liven up the space.

Here are a few budget friendly ideas and inspiration to help you take your unfinished basement from drab to fab! Continue reading Cool Unfinished Basement Remodeling Ideas for any Budget