How to do wall painting designs yourself

We all dream of a beautiful and dull interior. And there seems to be a great idea – to paint the wall with your own hands, and the desire, and the creative plan was formed. But there are no skills, and the services of professional artists and designers are not cheap. As a result, we give up our dreams and glue the most ordinary wallpaper, because it is so easy. Or maybe we’ll still paint the wall?

The wall is not a sketchbook. A picture cannot appear here just because you wanted to draw. Selecting an image is almost as difficult a task as painting. The picture should be suitable for the interior style of the room, correspond to the functional purpose of the zone and express certain emotions. And it can perform some additional functions, such as diverting attention from a low ceiling or uneven wall. Most often, art painting is found in children’s rooms, because it brings so much happiness to kids. Especially if it depicts his favorite cartoon characters or various animals.

Art wall painting “by hand”

In order for a beautiful image to appear on the wall of your room, try to adhere to the following procedure.

Step 1. Select an image and decide on the size of the future picture. It is assumed that at the moment you already know exactly which part of the room and why this picture will be there. There is a huge selection of different images on the Internet, but try for the first time to choose something simpler, and it will be easier to create a sketch. Luxurious castles in flaming gave later draw.

How to paint your own hallway walls
How to paint your own hallway walls

Step 2. Prepare the wall. Professionals really like to paint on a freshly painted smooth surface, so you need to putty and paint in a color that matches the background of the picture. If the drawing is designed to make amends for the recent repairs, you will have to draw according to what is.

How to paint your own walls

What paints do they paint on the walls?

Step 3. We purchase all consumables: paints, brushes, etc. All experts advise only acrylic matte water-based paints. They are convenient to mix and apply, after drying, they are not erased by a slight movement of the shoulder, like gouache. True, some cover the picture with a couple of layers of front matte acrylic varnish for complete confidence. To achieve the desired shade, the paints are diluted with white acrylic paint. To get the necessary liquid (a consistency similar to sour cream of 15% fat is considered ideal), add water. Just do not get carried away, otherwise, if too much paint dries, unpleasant stains will remain on the wall. Brushes need to be taken in two types: for large strokes, wide, large and flat (synthetics and bristles) are suitable, and for contours and small details – small columnar round ones. Still professional decorators use a foam roller to draw flower petals with dotted movements. Also prepare containers for washing brushes and mixing colors. Do not want to sacrifice dishes, buy a disposable set.

Step 4. Print pieces of 5-10 images in black and white to get a kind of sketch. Now you need to apply a background identical to the color of the wall, because the same shade looks different on a white and green wall. After drying, apply the contours until you reach automatism. Now it is necessary to choose such shades so that the whole picture “plays”. If the picture has a lot of similar details (petals or leaves), it is better to prepare the simplest stencils. Only then can we proceed to painting the wall.

Step 5. Now you need to put a rough pencil drawing on the wall. In no case do not use a black pencil, it is difficult to erase, it leaves dirty stains. It is better to use soft colored pencils. All unsuccessful lines are easy to clean with a large and soft eraser. First, they are indicated by the line of the border of the picture, then the largest parts are drawn. Only after that, proceed to detailing and more thorough drawing. Constantly step aside to immediately see the proportions and correct. The better you draw the image, the easier it will be to paint. For those who are poor in scale and spatial orientation, the cell markup method will help. The entire area of ​​the picture is divided into small squares, on which you then draw, as in a school notebook. Markings can be done either with a pencil, or using pieces of twine fixed to the wall.

Step 6. Start painting with acrylic paints. Dilute and mix the paint immediately before application, as Acrylic dries very quickly. Draw in a few strokes to achieve the volume and naturalness of the picture, just wait until the previous layer dries. Hold the brush perpendicular to the wall. Correct all the shortcomings with a thin brush. Turn on your favorite music to get smooth movements and boost your enthusiasm. Take a break after you finish drawing and filling out the main contours. Then, with renewed vigor, proceed for small details, if necessary, extinguish the borders of the image. At the very end, we work out with a thin brush all the smallest contours, we achieve volumetricity, glare from the Sun, etc.


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If, after reading this, you realized that you are absolutely not an artist, then use another method.

Art painting of walls in an apartment using a stencil

Currently, templates with various images are in many online stores and building hypermarkets. It is best to purchase wall-mounted stencils made of polymer film. They are easy to wash and can be used many times. If among the whole variety of drawings you did not find “that one”, then you can make a stencil with your own hands. To do this, you need lavsan film (milar). Milar is placed on the glass, and a paper stencil is placed on top. After that, the necessary holes in the film are made with a clerical knife. So you can get a stencil with its own unique design.

art painting

In extreme cases, you can use the usual paper template. The stencil is attached to the wall with masking tape and smeared with a roller with precise rotational movements. Before painting, it is advisable to remove excess paint with a cloth. There is an option even easier – buy vinyl stickers, stick them to the wall in a couple of seconds and enjoy the beautiful pattern.

ROSE GARDEN painting

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