How to Make a Small Kitchen Look and Feel Bigger

Feeling crammed in your kitchen? Looking for ways to visually stretch the space? Whether you’re a passionate cook or a midnight snacker, there are a few tricks anyone can use to make a small kitchen feel more spacious. Check out these 18 cool tips on how to make your tiny kitchen look bigger.

Light Colors

Light colors in the kitchen really open up the room. White is always a great choice for brightening the room because it reflects light and makes the walls recede. Plus, its uniformity makes the kitchen look bigger. You can mix shades of creams, whites, and taupes for more depth in your kitchen. Different textures of similar shades also add visual interest.

What is the Best Color for a Small Kitchen?

There are sure colors that just work best with a kitchen. One of the most mainstream is white or grayish. This color fills in as it helps make your kitchen look somewhat bigger, and it helps keep things pretty, yet there is one little hiccup: stains. Having white or grayish dividers places your dividers at risk for stains. It is really simple for stains to be seen on this color, and the kitchen is famous for stains, from popping oil to nourishments all in all.

This is one motivation behind why white or grayish colors are not constantly utilized. Some decide on shades of dim that make a comparative look without the weight of stressing over stains.

The individuals who are somewhat bolder should think about light shades of green, blue, or even yellow. These colors are simple on the eyes, and they are strong enough for your kitchen to say something. Obviously, the most significant factor about these colors is they should make the room look bigger.

Add Small Pops of Color

Keeping your cabinets and walls neutral can give the illusion of a bigger kitchen, but if that feels too boring, you bring fun into the room with small pops of color. Plus, sharp hues mixed with light wall hues visually expand the space. Remove the cabinet door of one or two cabinets and paint the backs a bright color. Paint the island your favorite color while leaving the rest of the kitchen neutral. Add a sharp color to a windowsill. Or simply bring in vases, flowers, and artwork with pops of color to liven things up.

Egg yolk color

Yellow – the color is positive on all sides: it improves mood, stimulates optimism and enhances digestion. However, its use in the kitchen should be metered. Yellow is beautiful in the form of a kitchen apron, small details of facades, towels and accents.

Color of the sea

Blue-blue is now at the peak of popularity in interior design. Despite the depth and saturation of the shade, in the kitchen it looks more than appropriate, does not suppress and does not pump. But if you plan to create a completely stunning effect, we recommend adding white, gray, gold shades and wooden textures to the blue kitchen.

Shine metal

Metal reflects light and, as a result, increases its amount. And for the same reason, he attracts attention. And the brighter the shade of the metal, the more of this very attention it attracts. Everyone has become accustomed to chrome for a long time, but this season the method of mixing metals of different colors in the same room has become widespread. Depending on the environment, copper, chrome and gilding in the form of accents and details look solemn, stylish, bright, glamorous or even vintage (if you choose metal with a patina).

Bright combinations

To achieve an impressive result, it is not necessary to mix yellow with purple, but terracotta with turquoise, orange with gray and red with white will be quite appropriate. Of course, the brightest shade can be used as an accent in details, textiles and accessories.


Without a doubt, gray is the new beige. But unlike beige, which is often called boring, gray has a wider shade range. Gray can be stylish, silver, smoky. It goes well with many rich shades and is good both as a base and in the form of accents.


The red kitchen may seem intimidating, which is why we do not recommend painting the facades in wine shades, especially if the space itself suffers from a lack of light. However, two-tone facades, white with red for example, where white is predominant, will be good even in small kitchens.

Ideally, a portion of this data made it simpler to work with your little kitchen. There are numerous different things that you can consider like purchasing littler machines similarly for instance. You ought to consider conversing with an inside plan master to check whether there are any extra thoughts that could help make the kitchen look somewhat bigger. Try not to be reluctant to consider some fresh possibilities since no one can tell what proposal is going to work for you. Make certain to keep the colors in different regions of your home as a top priority since you don’t need the kitchen to stick out in contrast to everything else.

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