how to decorate a bed without headboard

How to decorate a bed without headboard

You don’t need a headboard to create a warm, inviting bedroom. With a little creativity, you can whip up a beautiful, affordable alternative – read on for 25 inspired ideas for decorating your space, no headboard required.

Although upholstered beds are beautiful and trendy, they’re not in the budget for everyone. But the thought of a bed scooted up against a plain, blank wall may conjure up images of dorm rooms for some. Can your bedroom still be sophisticated without a headboard? Believe it or not, yes. You don’t need a fancy bed with a huge headboard to make your bedroom beautiful. Save money by skipping the headboard and hanging something else above the bed to create a focal point. Here are 25 of our favorite ideas.

In other words, today we will be inspired by the headboards. Does it seem easy to you? You are wrong. After reading our article, you will want to change. At least in the decor of the bedroom.

25 Creative Ways to Decorate Without a Headboard

These seem to be copper trays. The simplest trays turned the interior into a picture from a magazine.


The full-wall headboard visually enhances and balances the interior of even the tiniest bedroom. Yes, yes, this is far from tiny, we agree.

how to decorate a bed without headboard

Very stylish and moderately brutal interior. If the owner wants to spend the extra money on redecorating, we recommend laying clinker tiles of the darkest shade that can be found.


In this case, the headboard acts as a screen – a zoning element.

bed heaboard

Do you dream to sleep by the window? Create your own.

It is possible, once this shelf was an element of antique furniture. The second life, too, was a success.

This is just the head of the bed. Normal, white, boring. And here is what it can be turned into.

The canopy itself is a wonderful decor item, and if selected with taste and attention to detail, it turns into a mini-masterpiece.

This is a black electrical tape.

A mirror in the shape of any symbol or ornament can now be ordered in almost any mirror workshop.

Do not be afraid that “one day this whole gallery will collapse on someone’s head”, just select a shelf with a side.

Oh yes, it turns out that knitted napkins can make a powerful impression.

You do not have books that you are ready to turn into a headboard? Ask friends, someone probably does not know how to get rid of a couple of volumes that have not taken root in the library.

In order to implement such an idea, you need a carpenter.

For a country house, you can’t imagine a better headboard.

Do not know how to design a tiny little bedroom? Here is an idea.

This is a vinyl sticker. But if you know where to find boards with a similar effect, you have every chance to create a real masterpiece for the bedroom.

Did not find old boards? Take a simple laminate. The effect will not be worse, just more modern.

A gentle, calm and very feminine composition. You can find similar items in the “wall decor” section of any interior store.

That’s very beautiful. You are unlikely to find such a thing in the store, but you will probably succeed in ordering something similar in the workshop of decorative stucco molding.

As a basis, you can use a cork, chalk or magnetic board.

Not enough shelves for commemorative gizmos and books? Find an inexpensive carpentry workshop and order a headboard with shelves, niches and drawers.

The accent wall, as opposed to the others sewn up with wooden boards, is also the headboard, just very large.

An old muddy mirror takes up a lot of space, but for a long time does not reflect anything? Make a headboard out of it. If you are not superstitious, of course.



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