wood look tile installation

How to Install Wood-look Tiles

Wood plank tile floors have gained a good amount of popularity in the last couple of years.

For good reason: they don’t have ugly wear patterns after a couple of years, they don’t need to be refinished, and they don’t dent and ding like real wood floors do. But when it comes to installing wood look tile there are some unique challenges.

A wooden floor has a delightful provincial intrigue in inside structure; notwithstanding, it needs explicit support and cleaning. This is the reason wood look or wood-style earthenware tiles are beginning to turn into a favored new component in flooring. It’s single direction to get the delightful wooden tasteful with the toughness of tile particularly appreciated on kitchen floors.

wood tile floor installation
wood tile floor installation

In case you’re looking for the correct method to introduce those artistic wood-style tiles, we have you secured. In these areas underneath, we’ve delineated the things you’ll have to begin, essential bits to set-up and obviously, how to get those tiles introduced appropriately. Continue reading How to Install Wood-look Tiles

Natural Elements at Work

Wooden flooring in living room

Hardwood floors and living rooms are a classic combination. The two go together like chocolate and peanut butter. Homeowners should embrace the versatile of hardwood floors.

A hardwood floor flecked with patina add primitive appeal to a rustic or country living room while one with a smooth, glossy finish lends elegance to the most sophisticated living room.


Under a wooden coating refers to a massive board and piece parquet. These are materials that are 100% made of natural solid wood, but differ in their parameters with the similarity of the basic properties. The massive board has much larger dimensions.

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How to paint a ceiling with a roller

Even a person who has never done this before can paint the ceiling. To do this, you need to know the basic secrets and principles on which this skill is based.

The first thing to do when preparing for painting the ceiling surface is to choose a painting tool. For an extensive and even ceiling surface, the most convenient option is a special paint roller. It is easier for them to make a uniform coating without stains and other errors. Beginners in the painting business sometimes believe that a better result can be achieved by using a brush, but it is very difficult to create a uniform, monophonic coating without stains, which are especially noticeable on a smooth ceiling. Therefore, the roller will provide a better and faster result. Continue reading How to paint a ceiling with a roller

Textured paint

Wall paintings techniques

Are you ready for a change on your dingy interior walls? Painting in various creative ways provides more options than choosing from limited wallpaper designs.

Textured wall paint as a finishing material

Textured or texture paint for walls can be attributed to one of the varieties of decorative finishes, thanks to which you can create beautiful relief patterns on the treated surfaces. This became possible due to the special composition and density of the material. The coloring composition may have a sour cream-like consistency, or may be a thick viscous mass made using acrylic components.

Textured wall paint
Designers of modern interiors recommend highlighting the accent wall with textured paint

To some extent, textured paint can replace a paintwork and finish plaster. In this case, there is no need to carefully level and plaster the surface. It is enough to putty the walls for painting in areas where there are large cracks and deep holes, and then apply the coating in the form of acrylic impregnation. Continue reading Wall paintings techniques

Best Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

Best Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

Have you ever seen beautiful wall paint design ideas with tape?

Here’s the fact: Creativity is not bound by any limits in wall painting. Ideas can come up from just about anywhere and evoke the onlookers’ admiration. Believe it, equipped with a painters’ tape, the ideas can be unlimited.

Here are some cool ideas for creating different designs, including various forms of geometric triangles, on your wall. Interestingly, you don’t need to hire anyone to elicit the exhilarating wow in your painting.

You only need strong sticky tape, a razor or scissors, spray can of colors that you want to paint, a pen to draw the desired pattern, and a mask and gloves for protection of skin and face. And there you go!

wall paint design with tapewall paint design with tape

You will not surprise anyone by painting the walls – this method of decoration is ordinary, background and often just boring. In fact, there are many interesting and creative options that will not cost so much, because for this you will still need only paints, brushes, rollers and a few other additional tools. Continue reading Best Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape

How to do wall painting designs yourself

We all dream of a beautiful and dull interior. And there seems to be a great idea – to paint the wall with your own hands, and the desire, and the creative plan was formed. But there are no skills, and the services of professional artists and designers are not cheap. As a result, we give up our dreams and glue the most ordinary wallpaper, because it is so easy. Or maybe we’ll still paint the wall?

The wall is not a sketchbook. A picture cannot appear here just because you wanted to draw. Selecting an image is almost as difficult a task as painting. The picture should be suitable for the interior style of the room, correspond to the functional purpose of the zone and express certain emotions. And it can perform some additional functions, such as diverting attention from a low ceiling or uneven wall. Most often, art painting is found in children’s rooms, because it brings so much happiness to kids. Especially if it depicts his favorite cartoon characters or various animals.

Art wall painting “by hand”

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fade resistant blinds and curtains together ideas

The best ways to use blinds and curtains

It’s no secret that the right curtains or blinds for your home can change the look and feel of a room dramatically, but what about when they’re paired together? We often get asked the question ‘do curtains and blinds work together?’ The answer is, for the most part, ‘yes’ – when paired, the two can bring out a flexible décor and ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control. However, there are some style guidelines to follow to get the look just right.

Choose the Type of Blind First

When coordinating curtains and blinds together, it’s ideal to settle on the kind of visually impaired you need for the space first. The most widely recognized styles are roller blinds and venetian blinds as they pair well with wraps and give an essential, strong square of shading to work with. It’s significant you focus on the shading and texture choices, and how these work together in the room.

blinds and curtains together ideas
blinds and curtains together ideas

Blinds and curtains in the usual sense are two options, from which you need to choose one to decorate the room. But why choose when you can combine?

What are the advantages of such combinations for your windows?

  • Blinds will bring functionality and design rigor;
  • Curtains will make the overall image of the window more aesthetically pleasing and original.

Combining the advantages of these two elements, we get effective adjustment of the solar flow into the room with a unique style and a cozy appearance of the window.

There are many options for a successful combination of blinds and curtains, and we will talk about the ten best examples in this area of ​​design. Continue reading The best ways to use blinds and curtains

Black bathrooms – how to successfuly pull this off

Have you noticed the trend for black bathrooms?  These have been popular for a little while now but I am seeing more and more elements of this colour being incorporated in lots of different ways. It certainly doesn’t seem like a passing fancy.  If you love this trend but are worried about its longevity then I am going to show you ways that you can use this colour without committing to it for the long term.

But I am also going to show you lots of beautiful bathrooms that really demonstrate how gorgeous this trend is.  And you have to remember that unless you are renovating a house to sell, this is your home and if you love the look, it actually doesn’t matter whether it stays on trend or not.  Remember to always decorate for you! Continue reading Black bathrooms – how to successfuly pull this off

23 Bathrooms That Prove All White Is Still Totally In

Do you find white bathrooms boring and pointless? Take a look at our selection and agree that a sense of style is capable of creating something exceptional and outstanding even from the most outdated idea!

Sometimes white just wins!

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Inviting Paint Colors to Elevate Your Bedroom Decor

It’s no secret that color has the ability to tell a story within a room and transform any space. Choosing the best bedroom paint color can be a challenge, but fear not. Whether you’re looking for a shade that embodies tranquility or one that adds a dramatic edge, you’re sure to find the right color from these bedroom paint ideas.

In this material you will find the most standard, unexpected, bold, rich, fashionable, unusually compatible and almost impossible color options for bedrooms. And we are sure that one of them will fit perfectly into your interior!

19 top interior designers are here to help

1. Chocolate, gray, turquoise

Dark colors do not necessarily make your room visually smaller. This rich color scheme creates a sensual, airy space.

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